Recent Major Project  

WORD POWER is a long-term partner of many major players of individual sectors. Large scale business projects and plans in which we have contributed our linguistic expertise are numerous. In addition to doing translations for commercial enterprises, we are also actively participating in some emerging sectors of the 21st century economy.

Environmental protection is one of our specialties. We have been commissioned by public bodies and conservation groups to carry out major projects. These include translating Environment Hong Kong 2000 ; 2001 ; 2002 ; 2003 ; 2004 ; 2005 and 2006, and Environmental Performance Report 2000 ; 2001 ; 2002 ; 2003 ; 2004 ; 2005 and 2006 for the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, translating the Chinese version of Exploring Hong Kong's Countryside, an outstanding countryside guidebook, written by leading conservation photographer and writer Mr. Edward Stokes, and published by the Hong Kong Tourist Association (now the Hong Kong Tourism Board); and translating Hong Kong's Wild Places, a definitive account of the relationship between "man and nature" in Hong Kong. The resulting book, Shan Shui Yau Ching, published by the Hongkong Conservation Photography Foundation, has received praise for its Chinese expression.

"The Hongkong Conservation Photography Foundation publishes high quality conservation books, albums and reports. To achieve our communications objectives, it is essential to have original English texts translated into very well expressed Chinese.

On numerous occasions Word Power Language Services has delivered excellent results, despite working with tight deadlines. The company's Chinese translation has rare quality, giving both the facts and feeling of our English texts. The later editing and proof reading are always reliable, accurate, prompt and well-organized.

It is a real pleasure to work with such a dedicated team, and with such a professional language services company."



In 2002, we were commissioned by Kadoorie Farm to translate a book -- Garden in the Sky -- to reflect the Farm's history and great contributions to farming, forestry and conservation in Hong Kong.
Also in 2002, WORD POWER was privileged to undertake the Chinese-to-English translation of the complete set of literature and exhibit panels for "War and Peace: Treasures of the Qin and Han Dynasties", a major exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History. This particular exhibition, a star cultural event, featured the largest collection of Qin and Han terracotta figurines ever shown in Hong Kong.
In 2003, we had the pleasure of translating the Chinese version of Wilson Trail, a hiker's guide co-published by HKCP Foundation and the AFCD, and sponsored by Dr. Helmut Sohmen, a great friend of Lord Wilson whom the trail is named after.
The AFCD (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) is a long-term client of WORD POWER. Recently in 2004, we were delighted to do the English translation for a number of AFCD books on local flora and fauna, the countryside and Hong Kong tree species. These publications were featured in Book Fair 2004 with success.

In November 2004, WORD POWER was commissioned by the Hong Kong Museum of History to do the English exhibit panels and literature for "Hunting and Rituals -- Treasures from the Ancient Dian Kingdom of Yunnan". A joint effort of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Yunnan Provincial Museum, this exhibition brought to Hong Kong priceless relics from the ancient Dian Kingdom of Yunnan. The project demanded cultural and historical background knowledge, and as always, we proved our worth and also seized the opportunity of gaining new insights. After all, transcending excellence is our heritage.

Web localization is another new line we launched over the past few years. We have taken on many major site localization projects, ensuring original web site contents are interpreted in the most authentic and appropriate language. Many of our clients are international corporations, which demand their sites to be highly regional specific. We have been pleased to offer our linguistic expertise to create quality sites that are totally geared to individual Chinese speaking markets. And in the Greater China market, we have completed quite a number of contracts for the translation of Chinese web sites to English.  

The year 2005 saw a project of significant historical value: Chinese version of Hedda Morrison's Hong Kong, a book produced by the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation in collaboration with Harvard-Yenching Library. Presenting Morrison's documentary images of Hong Kong in postwar 1946-47 and writer Edward Stoke's compelling narratives, this project is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, Jebsen & Co. Ltd, KPMG and Mr & Mrs Shum Choi Sang. Word Power also did the Chinese version of the project website.

In 2006, WORD POWER continued our role as linguistic partner to the AFCD of the HKSAR Government and Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, in which we translated a number of Chinese and English books, exhibition materials, annual reports and feature reports on nature conservation, education and the environment. Such "green" tasks have enriched our routine translation schedule.

2007 proved to be another exciting year. WORD POWER did the English translation for several major public exhibitions, including the Chater Legacy - A Selection of the Chater Collection Exhibition and Gems of Chinese Ceramics Exhibition staged by the Hong Kong Museum of Art; and Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design, Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2007 Exhibition and Hong Kong Canto-pop Exhibition organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

A piece of particularly encouraging news for the year was that Eye on Nature Series 2007, published by Friends of the Country Parks, received the highest honour for books sold locally by winning the Hong Kong Book Prize 2007. WORD POWER did the Chinese to English translation for this multilingual book series.

In 2008 and 2009, WORD POWER was delighted to be commissioned to translate the Chinese-English materials for Hong Kong Geopark's planning and MLR/UNESCO submissions, as well as tour routing, geosite info, local heritage and geological history write-ups.